Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Do you guys like the comments under the posts, like it's setup? Or would you rather they open in a different window? Which makes navigating easier?

Last night Grass was kicking after I got the unit off her. This morning she started in while the unit was on her. We are not sure why she's kicking.
I guess today I should pay some bills and then I have two maybe three more hens to process. DH was looking at the Cornish cross chicks last night and I will probably start on them next week.

As I go through the day and want to add more, I will do that in this post in a different color.
Anyone who wants to ask me questions on their animals, feel free to do so. You can ask here or email me. I'm not sure if you can post pics in comments but, if not, you can email them to me and I will post them for you and then others can comment too.

LL asked on BYC,
Hey Kitty,
Is the nast roo gone now? is there peace in your coops? How did everyone do, mixing together?
Nasty roo is gone and there was peace. Now with the mix there is some minor issues but, that I expected. The new ones are hanging out together and the others will pick on them once in a while. I put the three worst offenders in the separation pen for now. One of them is due to be processed too. I'm sure in a few days all will have settled down.

Did anyone see that Eunice Kennedy Shriver died? She was the founder of the special olympics and has done much for the handicapped. We have lost a great soul.

I maybe should be admitted for thinking about this but, what do you think of this?


  1. Kitty: Thanks for alerting me to your new blog. Will be adding it to my favorites list.

    One of my older sons cows has a sore foot. She is limping a bit on her left front. I can't see any swelling. Hope it's only a slight sprain. I can get her in easily, since I feed them syrup from the ethanol plant each morning in the corral. She lost her '09 calf in one of our many blizzards in April, so she's fat and sassy. Bred her artificially to a bull that one of my customers bought last year. He had the bull collected, and wanted us to try some units of semen. Hope it turns out well.

    This weekend is our annnual old time threshing bee. We have a huge parade of antique tractors and machinery, and old time events and techniques demonstrated. I usually take my 1800's era rope maker and demonstrate making ropes the old way. I can make ropes that are either square or round. Most any size, up to 1" or so in diameter. Wife and I are also host and hostess for our annual all-school reunion. Hope that turns out well.

    Again---congrats on your new blog! jhm47

  2. jhm47, did you get my other email? I think you will like what I'm doing over there.


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