Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday, August 16,2009

Moved some round bales yesterday but, had a hose and line break on the loader so, we didn't get as many moved as we should have. The field should have been done and just needing to work on the ones we bought.

Today they are hoping to finish the ramp for BIL. The weathermen are calling for rain and the radar is showing rain to the west. BIL may have to go home. They will find out on Monday. On Friday, the insurance said he didn't need to be there anymore but, orders for his stump changed Friday so they have to wait until Monday to see what the insurance says. If the insurance says to go home he will have 48 hours and that's it.

Kute Kitten has her Lyme's and the auto-immune tests rerun on Wednesday. We should know the results on Thursday or Friday.

Ramp is fininshed for BIL! I will try to post some pics tomorrow. The round bales are moved off the field and home. Now it's on to the round bales we are buying but, not anymore tonight-it's dark.

My new project is coming along nicely!

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