Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I've had two different doctors tell me Kute Kitten's Lymes followup test was postive. I just talked with her doctor, who is the infectious disease doctor, and he says they were reading it wrong and it's negative. But, he had been the one that one of the other doctors had conferred with. His office had called to setup another blood draw and an appointment. I'm not sure who or what to believe anymore!

He's not gettting another test right now. He couldn't give me a reason to do it now. Dropped the subject entirely when I asked why.I guess he didn't like me participating in my daughter's care. TOUGH!

The doctor who ordered the tests called during milking. She said that clinically the Lymes is treated. It's the antibodies that are still high. Hmmm, we were told that if that happened she still had Lymes and it needed to be treated. No one wants to treat her. This doctor wants the blood work redone in a month (not sure if that's a month from now or a month from the other test) to recheck things. That I can handle. At least she could say why.

I've coincidered going to another clinic and having a second opinion. Still have to talk to DH but, maybe wait until this other blood work is done and back.

She said she knows it's hard and that I want to be the parent and not the doctor but, that's not something I can do. Heck, if I had the degree to be the doctor I would tell them all to go to H*LL! I'm getting confusing info from them, how can we make a decision when they do that?

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