Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

I canned down 5 pts of chicken and 4 pts of chicken broth today. While that was in the canners, I made lasagna for supper tonight-anyone hungry? :)

I also mixed in the new rooster and some of the new pullets with the hens this afternoon.


  1. I'm making lasagna too!
    (Thank god for hamburger helper)
    Gotta have food done before Hubby gets home!
    ""Bob's"" sister Sam, has a sore foot, so it might end up being a late night in the barn.
    She's not what you would call a nice heifer!

  2. looking forward to reading about your adventures and animal escapades! :)

  3. Must have been lasagna night! I made the real stuff. I only do it a few times a year though. DH and I like Hamburger Helper but, the girls don't. I guess it's just as well as all that processed stuff probably isn't good for them.

  4. I have an animal question!
    It's raining, will you go out and feed my animals?
    Last nights adventure with the not so nice heifer with a sore foot and big horns, didn't go too bad! She went into the squeeze pretty easy, but only because she thought it was the way out. She also did some horn swinging at the guys, I have been ordered to cull her.
    I pulled the pout thing and got permission to keep her brindle calf! It's a heifer out of a heifer, but it's cute!(and hopefully not as nut's as it's mother)

  5. If she is normally nasty, I guess I can't blame the guys. I would have tipped her while in the chute though. I'm glad you are getting to keep her heifer calf. So what if it's out of a heifer!


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