Monday, August 10, 2009

Our farm

This is a picture of our farm that I took from the ground.

I have a friend with a plane and she took this picture of our farm and surrounding area.

We have roughly 90 head of cattle with roughly 30 cows milking. The barn holds 34 cows and it varies as to dry off/freshening times.


  1. Oh Kitty, Your farm could easily be in eastern PA:)
    It looks much like the farm I grew up on-- held 32 cows in 2 rows in the stall barn. Only 1 silo tho! How many acres?

  2. Hey there, What a beauitful place. I never could picture it, when you where on byh. It looks like a piece of heaven. Mare

  3. With the wooded hunting land, we own 170 acres. We rent another 44 acres and then one neighbor gives us another 7 acres. Then we have another 30-35 acres we use of another neighbors for pasture. They wanted the grass and brush kept down so they could take walks on it and we could use the extra pasture land. All we had to do was fence it. It has worked out well for both of us for around 20 years now.

  4. Mare,

    I have a "My Page" with farm pics posted on BYH. We are back in on a deadend road with most of the traffic coming to our place so, it is nice and peaceful. :)


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