Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Doc appt was a waste of time. She was 25 minutes late. Then told us that they maybe regular migraines with the history of me having them and for Jess/Kute Kitten to keep a journal of them and food, weather, sleep patterns, etc. Before she said they were caused by the Lyme's. I get more and more irritated with the doctor(s) every time we go in.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jess/Kute Kitten Migraines again!

Jess/Kute Kitten is having migraines again. They had gone away with the treatment of the Lyme's but returned on Sat. night. The doctor wasn't to concerned with just one migraine but, then she had another Monday afternoon at school and I had to go get her from school. The doctor has decided to see her tomorrow morning. She will discuss what's going on with us and then decide whether to do the blood work tomorrow or what to do. They were sure the migraines were part of the Lyme's. With her last test she was clinically treated but, still had the antibodies. Even after telling us before that if she had the antibodies they would put her back on antibiotics, the decided not to. I wasn't happy with things then but, decided to wait for the next test and see how that went. The sad part is to wish it's not the Lyme's back means we are dealing with something else. Maybe even just plain old migraines, which she could have for life. What a mess!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bob, I clean them, cut them up, and freeze them for use during the winter.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Corn is off!

We have the field corn all chopped off! There is a huge pile out in the heifer pasture that will feed them for a long time come winter. More details here.

The crop season is slowly winding down but, there is plenty to do to get ready for winter. We are going to have to look at a second pen for the small heifers this year too.

The sweet corn is all done. 42 pts in the freezer. I hope to get the potatoes dug this afternoon. There is still some squash, tomatoes, and green peppers out there too.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tiffany is doing better today. Still lazy but, eating small portions several times today. Drinking well. She is also perkier and helped do chores this morning. I forgot to say she came home yesterday!

We are chopping the oats for the second time today and I'm trying to get the greenbeans cut so that I can, can them.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Stay at the Vets!

Poor Tiffany didn't feel good yesterday and was worse this morning. We called the vet and she met us at the office (closed for Labor Day). Tiffany was running a 106.4 temp and wouldn't eat. She was also coughing and had a raspiness to her breathing. The vet did blood work. White blood cells are down. She thought Parvo but, that came back negative. YEAH! She still wanted to keep her to run IV fluids and IV antibiotics. When her temp comes back down and she's eating then she can come home. The vet figured a day or two. Poor baby. I'm sure she is confused as to what is going on.

Not impressed with the vet. Wait until we have herd health and I talk to her boss. I got a call earlier and despite being told, a couple of times, that she doesn't have pneumonia, she does. They have switched her antibiotics and gave her a bronchial treatment. Her temp is down to 104.5 and she's drinking. When they took her out for a potty trip she wanted to wander around some and she was sitting up in the kennel instead of laying down. I sure hope she can come home tomorrow. She will have antibiotics to take for awhile but, I can handle that.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fair Results!

Jess/Kute Kitten and I exhibited things at the Central Wisconsin State Fair.

She beat me on the Strawberry Jam. She got a 4th.

I entered a baby quilt I made this past spring. I took a first!

More results can be found here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 2, 2009 New Puppy

Yesterday was Peanut's first day of 4K. She was excited to go and went on the bus no problem. Jess/Kute Kitten said that Peanut got scared when they got to school and she had to practically drag her off the bus but, that she was fine after that. Peanut says she liked school and made a new friend. She already knew a big chunk of the kids in her class. She wants to go back on Thursday so, I would say things went real well!

Also, yesterday, while DH was at work and both girls at school, I went up to Loyal and got a 5 month old female St. Bernard. DH new about it but, the girls didn't. I managed to keep her a secret until DH got home from work so he could be in a the surprise too. They have named her Tiffany.

Today, Jess/Kute Kitten and I have our canned goods being judged at the fair. I stayed home to process chickens (and slice open my finger to stitch it myself).