Friday, October 30, 2009

The sick bugs out there, in the public, right now are terrible! So far we have the nasty cold and Peanut spent a couple days with a fever but, that has been it. I'm praying that it stays that way. With us wore down from this cold I opted to change Jess/Kute Kitten's migraine and lymes check appt. Hopefully, things will calm down before we have to go into the clinic for that or anything else! At least we will have had a chance to recover some.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tiffany and I met at the doorway into the manger, this morning. I was heading into the barn and she was barreling out. She collided with my knee and knocked me over. Then proceeded in true puppy fashion to run circles around me and jump over me. DH came to my rescue. My knee didn't hurt this morning but, it hurts, snaps, crackles, and pops now!

I got to the barn this afternoon to find Whatsit (heifer) out. By the time I hobbled to the shed Tiffany had rounded her up and headed her back to the gate I had opened. Good puppy. :) Whatsit had been in the barn and broke a water pipe. The east manger was flooded. :( I managed to get that cleaned up. I'll keep plucking away at things and get done what I can. DH will have to help when he gets home with some stuff though, I'm sure.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not good news.

BIL with Lung Cancer and Emphysema was in the hospital. Turns out he had radiation sickness/poisoning and pneumonia. He is home but, will need to be on full time oxygen for the rest of his life and antibiotics for who knows how long. He will never get better. A bad infection, such as pneumonia, can kill him.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bad news

First, Hi Becky! I can now be found here. Come check us out. :)

BIL with the Kidney cancer has had a rough week. His dog got sick and they ended up loosing her Thursday night. We went and buried her for them Sat. morning.

Then on Friday he had doctor appts. The x-ray showed that the cancer has had significant growth. He will go for a scan in two weeks and there is a new drug made just for Renal Cell (Kidney)cancer out. I guess it has just been okayed by the FDA. He has been so lucky with catching the leading edge but, only time will tell whether or not this drug will work for him. The last one didn't do a whole lot.

BIL with Lung cancer is getting worse. He is having trouble getting around as he runs out of breath in real short order. I so wish they were closer so we could help. They have 3 steers ready to go and his wife is going to have to load them herself. It's a four hour drive one way there and right now it's extremely fustrating!