Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jess/Kute Kitten Migraines again!

Jess/Kute Kitten is having migraines again. They had gone away with the treatment of the Lyme's but returned on Sat. night. The doctor wasn't to concerned with just one migraine but, then she had another Monday afternoon at school and I had to go get her from school. The doctor has decided to see her tomorrow morning. She will discuss what's going on with us and then decide whether to do the blood work tomorrow or what to do. They were sure the migraines were part of the Lyme's. With her last test she was clinically treated but, still had the antibodies. Even after telling us before that if she had the antibodies they would put her back on antibiotics, the decided not to. I wasn't happy with things then but, decided to wait for the next test and see how that went. The sad part is to wish it's not the Lyme's back means we are dealing with something else. Maybe even just plain old migraines, which she could have for life. What a mess!

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