Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 2, 2009 New Puppy

Yesterday was Peanut's first day of 4K. She was excited to go and went on the bus no problem. Jess/Kute Kitten said that Peanut got scared when they got to school and she had to practically drag her off the bus but, that she was fine after that. Peanut says she liked school and made a new friend. She already knew a big chunk of the kids in her class. She wants to go back on Thursday so, I would say things went real well!

Also, yesterday, while DH was at work and both girls at school, I went up to Loyal and got a 5 month old female St. Bernard. DH new about it but, the girls didn't. I managed to keep her a secret until DH got home from work so he could be in a the surprise too. They have named her Tiffany.

Today, Jess/Kute Kitten and I have our canned goods being judged at the fair. I stayed home to process chickens (and slice open my finger to stitch it myself).

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  1. One of the few things I like about gettin old!
    I don't have to worry about kids in school anymore!
    Instead, I have to worry when he does not come home?
    OK, I don't like this gettin old stuff anymore!

    I am very hurt, they didn't name the pup Bob!


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