Monday, September 7, 2009

Stay at the Vets!

Poor Tiffany didn't feel good yesterday and was worse this morning. We called the vet and she met us at the office (closed for Labor Day). Tiffany was running a 106.4 temp and wouldn't eat. She was also coughing and had a raspiness to her breathing. The vet did blood work. White blood cells are down. She thought Parvo but, that came back negative. YEAH! She still wanted to keep her to run IV fluids and IV antibiotics. When her temp comes back down and she's eating then she can come home. The vet figured a day or two. Poor baby. I'm sure she is confused as to what is going on.

Not impressed with the vet. Wait until we have herd health and I talk to her boss. I got a call earlier and despite being told, a couple of times, that she doesn't have pneumonia, she does. They have switched her antibiotics and gave her a bronchial treatment. Her temp is down to 104.5 and she's drinking. When they took her out for a potty trip she wanted to wander around some and she was sitting up in the kennel instead of laying down. I sure hope she can come home tomorrow. She will have antibiotics to take for awhile but, I can handle that.

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